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Why choose us?

We provide accountancy and tax services to Barristers. We advise barristers in their first years and barristers with many years of experience. We understand the unique rules that apply to Barristers and have advised barristers for many years. We provide great service, expertise and value through technology. We will prepare your financial statements and Income tax return. We will assist you with VAT registration and filing. We also advise on time saving accounting software, if required. Reach out today and find out more.

Barristers starting out - Record and claim losses - We know fee income for many barristers varies widely from month to month. Many barristers may make a loss when starting out. It is very important to calculate and claim those losses against your future profits when things start to get better.

Our Objective

Our objective is to provide our clients with a bespoke exceptionally high-quality and consistent service, delivering value and expertise through technology and experienced team members.
We serve our clients by obtaining an in depth understanding of their business, target outcomes and delivering valuable insights to aid them reach these goals. We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients and enjoy very strong professional relationships with them. Many of our clients have been with us for more than 50 years, where businesses have gone through intergenerational transfers or sales.

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We will explain the services we provide in detail and find the best package of services to suit you.

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